Why Students Drop Out Of College Essay

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Several pupils have to work while are studying because they do not have alternative. Nevertheless, with the job the students do not have the enough time for the school. In college, professors many times make tests and almost every day the students must do a lot of homework. College is a full time job and with evidence put forth by numerous statistics, I strongly disagree that students must work while they are in college.

In my case I am a pupil that works forty hours and study full time at the same time. I have my experience to know that attending college while you are working is hard. I see that in my results, last year when I did not work I only got an A or A- but now I always almost get B or B+. I would like to live with my parents. However, I live by myself so I need the money because I need to pay my bills. It is not easy to work thirty o forty hours and to study at the same time thus some people do not have another option that drop out of college. They have to prioritize their basic necessities like pay rent and food.
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Mar/Apr2002, Vol. 22 Issue 4, p26 5p one of the main reasons why students drop out of college is caused by the low of founds. At the beginning, they save money for the first year in college but then due to the high cost of the class and the books, they do not have any alternative than start work. Students work in jobs like McDonalds because their lack of experience and there, the pupils must work thirty hours per week to pay their education. Other luckier students can labor part time jobs and with twelve or fifteen hours pay their classes. However, include those pupils that only work twelve hours per week, they see how their grades are plummeting to B or C. That is because they do not find time to study and students in college should be able to spend all the hours that they can studying without being worry about the
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