Why Students Fail At School Essay

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In the last decades theorists have been studying the reasons why children from all ages fail at school and later they fail in their lives. The frustration students at all levels go through when they do not pass an exam or when they can’t reach their goals, sometimes lead them to quit school or their professional careers but sometimes they may consider suicide as a solution to their problems. Which are these reasons that lead students to failure? Why are students afraid of failing? Does society play an influential role over students? The aim of this paper is to analyze the problem, provide answers to mentioned questions so we can finally try to understand the core of the problem. According to Moore, the reasons why students fail at school or even at University may be found within school or outside of it. Frank Haber points out that students are afraid of “feeling ashamed about one’s own inability and incompetence” They are also afraid of “ disappointing parents, receiving ridicule from classmates and losing the professor´s trust and support” What is more, as adults students are afraid of “having decrease the chances on the job market and decreased chances to have a decent income and appropriate social status” In connection with this, Holt refers to the…show more content…
In postmodern times, students are influenced by being successful all the time. If you don’t success you are a loser and being a loser is not good. Successfulness is the key word that makes the world goes round. But Holt refers to two different types of success. In postmodernity success should be quick, easy and all the time. Holt says “success implies overcoming an obstacle, including perhaps the thoughts in our minds that we might not succeed” Haber also agrees on this point when he says that teachers should let the students know that they have to put in more effort to feel better prepared and help students to find more effective study
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