Why Students Hate Homework Essay

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One of the most stereotypical things in school is homework. Not only is it stereo typical, but it’s also despised by all students in school. To them, it’s an abomination that no one likes. But even through all of this, there are easy ways to fix the way students feel towards homework. Some of the many reasons why students hate homework is because they think homework should only be used as additional practice for students who need it, or to study for tests and quizzes when possible. Moreover, homework can be too overwhelming. It can cause fatigue, stress, and many other things. Finally, students have no time for this type of work. Most children with a lot in their days, sports, after school classes or lessons, chores or responsibilities, so…show more content…
It can cause stress which is already an obvious thing, but it also causes more serious things like fatigue and loss in interest with academics. Not only this, but sometimes kids tend to focus mainly on one class that gives out too much homework. To illustrate, if Math class gave out too much homework students in school would focus more on Math with the intent to finish all that work, but leave no time to finish other class's homework as well. Leaving them bad grades with other classes. The struggle for grades can also cause more harm than said, students stress out, worry, and freak over their grades. Arduous to thrill their parents with A+’s can also made kids stress over their grades. Think about it, you could have half of your school in panic waiting for their test scores while the other half wouldn’t even care about their grades! It wouldn’t be a good thing to have your entire school in panic. In addition, teachers are trying to work on lessons and make plans for the new topic, so by the time that you finish your homework and the last marking period test, you can forget everything you learnt to make room for the next information set. It would be hours and hours of homework wasted on work that you would just forget about in a week. So why should we do it if we're only going to forget it? If you already know the material, you shouldn’t have to do the work, it would
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