Why Students Hate Math Essay

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Abstract My name is Michael as you know, today I am going discuss about why people hate math. Why student hate math, Is math important in our life, good and bad points of math. My question is why people hate math????? Even me myself doesn’t like math. Do we need math and what benefit we get when we are smart at math? The benefits are people will be proud of you. Introduction Why do most of the students hate Math??? Math is one of the most important subjects, but some people fail really hate math why do they hate math? What is the reason why people hate math now I am going tell you that why people hate math. Even some students say that “Math is a curse”. The reason why they hate Math is they think their teachers…show more content…
The reason why they hate Math is they think their teachers are not teaching them really well. If their teachers do not teach them well so most of the children scared Math, because of the teacher the most of the students hate Math. That many math problems have correct and wrong answers is a problem for people who feel inconvenient about making mistakes. About 70% of the students in our do not like Math, The children who hate Math started from the teachers who poorly taught their students at lower grades. These causes the students to get lower grades at Math, even the teacher themselves don’t want to teach Math. Some students feel like math is a new language. When students fail to work in a math class they may feel scare and try to ran away math as much as possible in the future. Some math teacher doesn’t know the beauty of math. Many students think that they do not need math in future for example some want to be a footballer but they thought they don’t need math of course even football need math like having angles. Some of the students aren’t patience of wronging so they try to avoid math as much as possible. Even the teachers don’t know the true meaning of math. There are
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