Essay On Why Students Fail In School

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“Did you ever ask your parents why you went to school? If you have then you probably heard “It’s your job.” If that is true, shouldn’t you get paid for your job?” Students should not get paid for having decent grades since it will corrupt the scholar. The offer will make them inattentive and not succeed in college. Some of the reasons include children should wanting to get successful rather than the money at the end or paying students is leading to practical problems. Another reason is that when the reward isn’t offered anymore, will schools need to raise the stakes to keep students engaged in school? Rewarding students for satisfying grades is an atrocious idea because the student’s internal drive to succeed should drive the students to perform well in school. It also is an unpleasant idea because the school will become a business transaction, and plentiful issues can occur in the school.

To begin with, students should have the motivation to succeed from their internal drive to succeed and not for the money will be rewarded at the end. A student’s internal drive should push them to succeed so they can achieve an excellent job. The article that supports the evidence is “Good Grades. Are you willing to pay for them?” By Ginger Ninja. The article states “...a child’s internal drive to succeed
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Paying students will lead to practical complications and issues in society. The source of the evidence is from the article, “ - Should parents pay for good grades?” The evidence says “Many teachers also say paying students for grades leads to practical problems.” Some of the situations that could occur are pressure to inflate grades or conflict with students and parents. These are some of the effects that could occur if kids keep on receiving money for exceptional grades. In conclusion, paying students is a situation for schools and will cause issues in our
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