Should Homework Be Banned

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Homework. It has been there for far too long and it has been almost the natural thing to do after you get home. But what if the facts say different. Many researchers say that homework hasn’t proven to be beneficial to students at all. Students shouldn’t be getting too much homework, and there are several reasons why. Lowering student test scores is one of the main reasons why students shouldn’t get homework. Various studies show that students who had a lot of homework the night before usually have lower test scores than than the people that didn’t. Having loads of homework also causes stress on a student. The student will have heaps of stress, while not really learning from their homework. Having tons of homework also has no beneficial use to a student’s learning. Obviously, teachers should stop giving homework because it is proven to lower test scores, puts a huge amount of stress on students, and has no beneficial use.

To start, teachers should stop giving homework because it is proven to lower test scores. According to Richard Walker, an educational psychologist at Sydney University, “ Data shows that in countries where more time is
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A source that supports this “ Completing a homework assignment may be beneficial to a student’s future. When students get older and are told to do certain tasks for their jobs, it will be their responsibility to complete said tasks.” But undoubtedly this can be challenged because even if students may learn responsibility for homework, too much of it isn’t going to help students learn responsibility. Instead of this, it will stress them out. As seen in the source, , “ Even though homework may teach your child responsibility, too much can put an overwhelming amount of stress on your child.” To be sure, teachers should stop giving
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