Why Students Should Start Later Essay

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What if I told you that student academic performance can be greatly influenced by the time school starts? This fact has been greatly debated for decades since the 1980s and has been proven with scientific evidence, but still, there are those who deny students the best conditions to learn. Teenagers are still growing, both mentally and physically, this means that what happens during these few maturing years is very crucial. An article from the National Sleep Foundation has said that in order for a teenagers mind to be in its best condition, schools need to start at 8:30 or later. This means that before this time, a student is not at their best, mentally until after. Personally, I wake up at 5:30 and I have noticed a significant difference compared to other days without school. The time when you wake up greatly influences your decisions and state of mind for the rest of the day, this means that with a proper sleeping schedule; you will be able to function properly.
Another reason is that with a lack of sleep comes lack of attention and that can lead to worsening grades. For instance, whenever a student experience a bad night(basically every night), they tend to lose focus, feel slower, less responsive and overall not in the best condition. This leads to lower scores and harder times for students as those with
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This means that going to bed early does not necessarily mean that it gives a better sleep. This is why schools should start later as it helps students greatly and allows for better performance from both the awake students and the staff. Many first hour classes are not as focused or aware as other hours and that causes that class to suffer more than others. This is why I believe schools should start
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