Why Sugar Is Bad

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My unpopular opinion: SUGAR IS BAD We all know sugar tastes good, but what it does to our bodies is very bad. Not only does sugar cause weight and health issues like obesity and diabetes, but eating a diet with a lot of sugar actually affects our brain 's functions. Not all sugars are bad. Our bodies turn the food we eat into good sugar called glucose. Glucose comes from foods like bread and pasta, and our bodies use it to give us energy. Where sugar 's not so sweet reputation comes into play is when you talk about the type of sugar called fructose. Fructose isn 't bad when it 's consumed from natural fruits and vegetables, but it 's in virtually all processed foods including sodas, condiments, and junk food. Added sugar, also known as…show more content…
So why is sugar bad? Sugar is addictive. We reward ourself with sweets. We love sweets. We crave sweet stuff. But, are we addicted to it? Sugar stimulates our brains to release a chemical called dopamine.When excess sugar causes an excess release of dopamine, there is a pleasurable “high” feeling. As you eat sugar more and more, your brain releases less dopamine each time. To receive the same feeling you get from eating sugar, you will have to increase the amount and frequency of amount. This rolling cycle is also known as substance abuse. Sugar activates the reward center in our brains that drives our cravings and motivations the same way that drugs do. There’s an increasing body of research that tells us sugar could be as addictive as some drugs and have similar effects on the brain. Sugar numbs our overeating “sensor.” It 's a common fact that diets high in sugar are linked to weight gain and obesity. Research has now shown that chronic consumption of added sugar numbs the brain 's anorexigenic oxytocin system, which is the sensor that prevents overeating. When our brain doesn 't release certain hormones to signal to us that we are full, we will continue eating. This can result in a cycle of overeating or needing to constantly eat more to "feel" full. Processed foods high in added sugar (fructose) is damaging to our health, starting with the chemicals in our
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