Why Suspension Should Be Abolished In School

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Should schools continue to use the traditional form of punishment of suspending students? Is suspension a benefit or a disadvantage to a students learning? Is suspension the right thing to do for all students? For many years suspension has been a common punishment for bad behavior in school, though many people are starting to wonder whether suspending a student really helps them learn and grow or does it harm their learning career. This is a big debate that has just recently come into light. Although suspension has been around for many years, schools should stop suspending their students because, suspending students is harmful to their academic career, increases the chances of a student dropping out and it does not teach students how to properly…show more content…
Studies have shown that students who have been suspended are three times more likely to dropout than a student who has never been suspended. A 2011 study conducted in Texas showed that students who have been suspended or expelled at least once during middle or high school averaged for such disciplinary actions during their academic careers. Fourteen percent of those students have been suspended 11 times or more. The article “Why Do We Suspend Misbehaving Students.” written by Brian Palmer states that students who have been suspended at least once in their academic career are three times more likely to drop out. In recent years, while Baltimore city schools have dramatically reduced suspensions, the dropout rate has been cut almost in half. One might say that it is a students choice to drop out or not, but many students dropout of school due to peer pressure and some students may feel like they are not good enough just because they can not catch up to the academic level of their peers because they were absent due to their suspension or suspensions. Therefore students who are suspended have a harder time catching up to their academic level and often dropout for this
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