Should Teachers Decrease School Shootings

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Everytown for Gun Safety reported that there have been 290 school shootings since the catastrophic massacre in Newtown, Conn., more than five years ago. However, very few of these were anything to Sandy Hook or Parkland. Sure, they all involved a school of some type (including technical schools and colleges) as well as a firearm, but the outcomes were hardly similar. Nearly half of the 290 were completed or attempted suicides, accidental discharges of a gun, or shootings with not a single individual being injured. Of the remainder, the vast majority involved either one fatality or none at all (Alan). Teachers should carry guns to decrease school shootings all over the world. Teachers should be taking classes and learning how the gun works and how to use the gun or weapons. Teachers should only have there guns on them in their rooms or in a safe in their rooms. Teachers should also be considering Trump's idea and start having guns in school and all teachers need to have the guns with them or in their rooms. President Trump has been really working on having teachers be carrying guns in school. Trump wants all teachers and schools to be…show more content…
Handling guns and being able to shoot, then will greatly decrease school shootings. If teachers can handle guns easily, then the school shootings will decrease if all the teachers carry guns. There is not to many teachers signing up for the carry license holders on guns, but if we got a gun for each one of the teachers in the whole school could be much safer and they would not have to wait on police and first responders to come and take down the gunman but the custodians could do that too. All teachers should have a safe in there room to keep their weapons and guns just in case there was a shooter in the school they could easily get to the safe in enough time and get the shooter (Griffin). If teachers get their license for guns their should all be carrying guns
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