Why Teamwork Is Important

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Running down the field with the ball in my feet and my teammates shouting at me to pass the ball. My only thought was that I can score alone, I don 't need my teammates. I guess now looking back in the past when I was a kid I never realized how valuable teamwork is in soccer. Looking back I almost never played like I was on a team. I played like it was a one man show. Now that I 've understood why teamwork is important i 've changed the way I play in the game. When I was a kid I only cared about myself when I played soccer. I never thought about my teammates. I just wanted all the attention for me. I wouldn 't pass the ball. I 'd always tried getting all the goals. I also Tried taking all the freekicks and penalties. One day in a game I had the ball with only one defender on me, so I try to get passed him by running round him as fast as I could with the wind blowing on my face and my jersey flying back and I see a player open nobody on him. At first I…show more content…
Now that i 've grown mentally I learned more about soccer and how it should be played. I now think teamwork is very important. And great teamwork leads to winning and more accomplishments.Just a few months ago after a game my coach was proud of me and how I make very good passes also how I always look for open players to pass to. So I guess nowadays I pass more often and I also look for teammates that are opened on the field. Also I give other players opportunities to score. I also don 't yell at my teammates when they do something I don 't like. I tell them to play it better or good try and sometimes I tell myself it 's okay and move on. During one game in a tournament a teammate missed an open shot to the goal. I was a little upset but I was not yelling I just told the player to try to make the next one. Because if I would yell at him it would only lead to arguing and that won 't help the team focus on the game so we can
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