Why Teenagers Do Drugs Essay

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Today, drugs are omnipresent in our current society, so rationally teens are doing them when they shouldn’t be. Teens feel the need to experience, so they could possibly just be doing them for the pleasure of it. They could also be doing them to cope with issues or they’re under peer pressure. Regardless of the reason, teens shouldn’t do drugs. Although the number of teens doing drugs has lowered, if we as a society come together, the number will even go lower. To start, parents should start engaging in their child’s school and afterschool activities. They should talk to their children about the consequences of drug usage, and closely monitor what their child sees, does, or follows in his life and on the internet. If we unite as one, we could potentially harvest a drug-free future for the next generation.
Teens feel the need to explore during their youth. Many of us either are teens or once were teens before, so we know how it’s like. While they explore, they might encounter and associate with people who they shouldn’t. This could be current drug users, well-known troublemakers, and sometimes gang members in extreme cases. They
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They use drugs to escape reality and their issues. Drugs such as Xanax help with depression, but when a certain amount is taken it makes the user high. Weed is used as a stress reliever and lean makes the user sleepy and enlighten when it hits. Though their motive is to relieve or help the pain from their issues. The best way to help is to talk to a professional about the teen’s issue. Therapy, rehab, or other medical practices could help the teen out. Parents should also get involved by giving advice to their children or seek out help even if the child doesn’t want to. It’s best to help the teen early on when it’s easier to quit and before it’s too late when they become a drug addict. It’s better for them and our society to not have teens doing
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