Why Teenagers Should Be Banned To Teenagers

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The restaurant Munchy’s is banning students from noon to three and that is unjust to teenagers. Munchy is claiming that teenagers are noisy and will disconcert the adults. The business is banning them to bring more adults in due to the data that said adults provide the maximum amount of the money. Teenagers are angry though and are planning a protest. Munchy has a populous amount of advocates, but however there are an abundant of others who oppose the idea and think it is unjust. Therefore businesses should not be permitted to ban people based on their age.
It is unjust to ban someone who may have done nothing wrong because of their age. They should not assume all teens are loud and will disconcert adults. He asks the adults a very offending question to those who may go there for a nice study place to “Aren 't you tired of eating lunch surrounded by noisy high school students?”(source 1 10). He is assuming all teens are loud and disconcert the adults from securing them with a satisfying amount of work done, which is unjust to those teens who may just want to go to their favorite old-fashioned spot for lunch. It is alright to ban someone for doing something they
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Teenagers are not the only loud people either. It does not matter the age one is they still can be loud including business men or women. Assuming that teenagers are loud and annoying is not fair to them, especially if they never did anything wrong. Munchy is trying to bring in customers, which is great, but he should do it another way so he will gain more customers and the teens can continue to go, especially since if one person or a group is too loud he can kick them out. “Business people are ALWAYS on their cell phones, having loud conversations themselves” (source 4 13). The people who are loud should recieve a warning before being banned and then the business people who can also be loud will be pleased too. By focusing on that both sides will be pleased and could increase munchies profit
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