Why Teenagers Should Not Be Allowed In College

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The last two years of a high school are the most crucial, they are asked about their plans on for the future. Most of the time teenagers have no clue about their future like what they’re going to study or what college they plan to attend. But parents, teachers, and counselors are often nagging them on what they are going to do, and that places the teen on a very stressful situation they will sometimes end up making a choice they didn’t really think through. Some teenagers are often not introduced to all the opportunities available to them and when they are under pressure they’ll go with the easy way out. Teenagers shouldn’t be pressured so much to go to college because they’ll make a decision they regret, attain health issues, and start to doubt themselves.…show more content…
“Academic pressure does not begin in college. The nervous breakdowns, panic attacks, burnouts, and depression are also apparent in many younger students"( ). These problems are caused when they push themselves too hard to achieve all the goals the adults apprehend from them. Anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep disorders are most common when the teen is stressing from all their academic responsibilities. "For teens in the race to try to get into the colleges of their choice, the decision can be excruciating, the process exhausting" "As high-achieving students push themselves further and further, parents, educators, counselors and physicians find themselves questioning: How much is too much?"( ). Health issues are mostly common on the teenagers who excessively worry on their academic performance and trying to please those who are counting on them to do good. There has been studies that students who push themselves too hard end up making themselves sick. Students have even gotten to the point to taking pills to keep them awake and have even overdosed on them and have caused their body major
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