Why Teens Should Start Later

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Research has shown that teenagers experience a change in their internal sleep clocks so that waking up early and going to sleep early are difficult. Teens have a hard time waking up early in the morning for school. When teens wake up early they do not absorb as much knowledge and skills as they do when they wake up later and more refreshed. Students tend to fall asleep in class when going to school early. Therefore, it takes time away from learning. I believe classes both should and should not start later in the day because when teenagers wake up early, it messes with their biological clocks, many teenagers participate in extracurricular activities after school, and teenagers would have more mental focus going to school later in the day. First of all, when teens wake up early it messes with their biological clocks. After teens hit a certain age something happens with their biological clock. Many teens that would fall asleep early now go to bed later in the night. At bedtime, teens’ bodies may be pushing them to stay awake longer at night. When teens don’t get enough sleep, their body doesn’t work…show more content…
Teens do not wake up so easily in the mornings. Their biological clocks have a time for them to wake up. In order for juveniles to learn more and be more attentive, they need the correct amount of hours to sleep in order for them to be awake and ready to start their day. Teens do extracurricular activities in the afternoon. By doing so, they would not have time to complete homework and get the hours of sleep they are required to get. Teens have a unique way of responding to life and their mental focus is one of them. By not having enough mental focus teens do not learn
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