Why The Amur Leopard Endangered

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The Amur Leopard, located in the Savannas of Africa and far East of Russia, are critically endangered animals. These animals are poached, traded for a great sum of money, and their habitat is slowly being taken away. Taking away these animals will forever change the Russian and African ecosystems.
The Amur Leopard is a critically endangered animal. These animals are being poached every day. Poaching, which is hunting on land without permission, illegally, brought the amount of Amur leopards down to extinction. In Africa, accessing the Amur Leopard is quite easy. Around the forests are multiple villages that make it easier for humans to poach such animals.
Two major cities in Africa are Vladivostok and Ussuriysk. In these cities, cultural
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In Africa, summertime can be brutal with the hot african sun beating down upon the forests. Grass, trees, and other plants tend to dry out with little precipitation over the months. Heavy winds with the assistance of the heat from the sun create wildfires in the forest. With no one to put the fires out fast enough, these fires spread quickly through the dried out plants (Amur Leopard -WWF). These wild forest fires destroy many habitats that belong to the Amur Leopards as well as other african animals. With no habitat left, these animals are forced to relocated in other unfamiliar areas they have to adapt to. In some cases, habitats become very limited and animals compete with one another for a place to sleep at night. In other cases, the Amur leopards cannot adapt to the unfamiliar areas they re-located to. For example, food can become very scarce during the summer when a forest fire occurs (Amur Leopard). With no food or any habitation left, the Amur Leopards will soon parrish from these African lands. People can help stop these wildfires by the villages that live around the forests can help put the fires out, or even keep fires they create, tamed. These critically endangered animals need to be saved to help control other species as
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