Why The Burqa Should Be Banned Persuasive Essay

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Within the middle east, a large amount of the men and women are muslim. The muslim religion suggest that women wear a veil, hijab or burqa. A burqa is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some islamic traditions to cover themselves in public. Women should have a choice on if they want to wear the burqa or not. Banning the burqa would crush a lot of religious things in the country. The burqa should not be banned and the woman should be given the opportunity to support their religion. Everyone in the country should be able to have freedom of expression and speech. A good amount of Women in Afghanistan that wear the burqa feel like they can not show off who they really are because the burqa is hiding them. This is why the woman should have a choice, and not only woman. Young girls at the age of 10 and 11 are…show more content…
In many muslim countries women lack basic rights and equality, so even if they wanted to argue about wearing the full body cover they were out of luck. Women have control over themselves and should be able to decide whether they want to wear the burqa or not. Government wants to ban the burqa because it takes away the people's identification which makes it unsafe. I can agree on that but I do not believe that the burqa should totally be taken away from them. Banning the burqa is an assault to human rights. The ban stigmatizes Muslim women. It takes away from the religious rights and abandons traditional cultures and political expressions. The burqa plays a big part in their religion. Wearing the burqa gives women more confidence which is another reason why I say the burqa should not be banned. The ban of the burqa should not be legal. Woman should not be forced by men in what they can and can not wear. The woman have grown up and have gotten used to wearing the burqa. They would feel empty without it. In conclusion I think the women should have a choice in wearing the

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