Why The Call Of The Wild Should Be Banned Essay

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Do you think teenagers should read a story that has killing or a lot of inappropriate content and violence? Others think it's good to have them read it but I think teens shouldn't be reading this because “The Call of The Wild” and “After an outpouring of literary outrage, N.C. Country Reconsiders Book Ban” prove to me that these books are bad. In the text they prove that teens shouldn’t read it because it has killing, shooting, and they do bad things to other people. Teens shouldn’t learn to kill. Teens also shouldn’t learn to shoot others and teenagers shouldn’t learn to do bad things to others and treat them badly. First, teenagers shouldn’t learn about killing. “The Call of The Wild” isn’t a good book for teens. In the text it said “gets off the boat, a pack of huskies violently attacks and kills her.” This proves that teens shouldn’t read “The Call of The Wild” because it has killing. If people complain of a book they should ban it. In the text it said “Mother of an 11th grader complained that the novel was too much for teenagers.” If parents are complaining they know that it's not right for teenagers to read it and it need to get banned. Others might say her son can just forget about the book and not get it but then he's…show more content…
In “The Call of The Wild” it said “one of the dogs become ill and eventually the driver has to shoot him. This means that they shoot and kill dogs when they are sick but I think just because someone/animal are sick doesn’t mean we should kill them. They made a good choice to ban the book but now everyone knows. According to the text “The ban made national news, and the local newspaper was inundated with 168 reader comments.” This means that if they didn’t ban it teens would’ve been reading it. Other people might say if they didn’t ban the book there wouldn’t be a problem. But if they didn’t teens would’ve been reading it and have parents
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