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Fights come in all shapes and sizes, and occur for many different reasons. The Crusades were one of the biggest “fights” to ever exist in human history. The Crusades, like all other conflicts, started for a reason, lasted for a reason, and had a continual impact on society.
The reason why the Crusades started was because of jealousy. The Crusades was primarily a fight over the holy city of Jerusalem. This was a city in which all 3 Abrahamic religions valued immensely. The Muslims were in total control at the time, but the Christians were allowed free passage in and out of the city. However, the Christians were not satisfied with just being allowed free passage, they wanted to own Jerusalem for themselves. They were jealous that they didn’t occupy Jerusalem, and they thought that Jerusalem was rightfully theirs. So, as a result, Pope Urban II called on the people of Western Europe to take arms and march to the land of the Seljuk Muslims to claim Jerusalem as their own. Despite the friendly relations, jealousy encouraged the Christian Europeans to start the Crusades.
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They wanted it for themselves and weren’t satisfied with just tolerance from another group of people. The Crusades lasted long because of the land. Both sides were persistent in their efforts to defend or invade Jerusalem. After the Muslims retook Jerusalem in the 3rd crusade, the Christians launched 11 more crusades to try to take that piece of land back. Land is what made the Crusades last for almost 2,400 months. Hate was a long-lasting impact of the Crusades. The once tolerant and cordial relationship between the Christians and the Muslims was forgotten and replaced by a fairly bitter relationship throughout the years---all because of the Crusades. The Jews were caught up in the middle, and were extremely persecuted in a variety of ways during and after the

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