Why The Fires Taste Good Analysis

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Why The Fries Taste Good: Where Our Food Comes From In Eric Schlosser’s short academic article, “Why The Fires Taste Good,” he wrote about a man called J.R. Simplot and his life growing up (2001). J.R. Simplot was born in 1909 in a small town called Dubuque, Iowa (Schlosser, 2001). While growing up Simplot did not attend high school, as he dropped out at the age of fifteen (Schlosser, 2001). After dropping out and no longer continuing his education, Simplot started exploring investments. He was curious as to what they were about, how they worked, and where they could take him. Eric Schlosser provides background information on J.R. growing up, his investments growing up, and where he stands today in society. Eric Schlosser is an award-winning

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