Why The Mongols Were Barbaric

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During the 13th century, a group of pastoralists would band up to form The Mongol Empire. The Mongols were based in Central Asia and spread fear all over by overwhelming their enemies. They would conquer enough to be the largest empire known to mad. However, despite the evidence that suggests the mongols were vicious, they should be seen as civilized due to having a structured military, having exceptional infrastructure, and having a law system. Before mentioning their civility, the mongols were definitely brutal. They would go around conquering towns and enslaving the women and children. Not only that, they would execute soldiers by burying them alive upside-down as seen in Document F. These acts of savagery give people the idea that they were barbaric. Although, there is more evidence to suggests that the Mongols were more civilized than barbaric. To begin, the mongols were civilized because they had a structured military. For example, in Document B, it talks about when a soldier undertakes military duty and the type of equipment they had depending on the situation. This portrays that the mongols were orderly enough to enlist members and give an equal amount of equipment to each soldier. Moreover, Document D discusses the Mongol’s tactics in battle such as making themselves appear to have bigger numbers and how they divided their forces according to rank. This document shows that the Mongols had a military that was disciplined and structured enough to be efficient in
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