Why The Penny Should Be Retired

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I support the penny being retired.The article “Should the Penny Retired” written by Toronto(AP) has many valid points on why the penny should be retired.It is such a nuisance to have pennies these days. No one will pick a penny if they see one on the floor or on the street. People nowadays don 't get excited if they see a penny.That is why I am supporting the retirement of the pennies. With me supporting the retirement of the penny I have some evidence on why the penny should be retired. One piece I have is in the article it states that it costs 11 million dollars to make pennies in other countries. That it is a lot of money being used even though the penny doesn’t really get used, it just gets pushed to the side and never gets used.They could be doing more with the 11 million dollars.Another piece of evidence I have is that in Canada the Canadian senate committee held a meeting on whether the penny should be spared and if they did think that it should be spared to come forward to say why. No one came forward and said why the penny should be spared. My last piece of evidence is that already some countries have already the retired the penny. Those countries made a smooth transition in retiring the penny and that the people were okay with it. …show more content…

They say that if they retire the penny prices will go up, but if that happens wouldn’t the minimum wage go up. If they increase the price they are going to round to the nearest nickel, therefore wouldn’t they do it for minimum wage too because they wouldn 't have any pennies to give for change. That is why it doesn 't matter if they retire the

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