Why The Persuasive Essay Starting School Should Start Later

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Teenagers need many hours of sleep for them to be productive during the school day. By waking teens up as early as 5:30 in the morning just so they can get ready for school and be there on time is crazy. There are many different reasons schools should not be starting this early including bad grades, health issues or even injuries. By starting school so early in the morning teenagers aren't getting the eight to nine hours of sleep they need to function correctly during the school day. Having a later start time would be beneficial in more than one way. By having school start later academic performances would rise and would help the students get a greater understanding of what they are being taught. By getting their eight to nine hours of sleep…show more content…
During winter we change our clocks which means it gets darker, much earlier than it used to. This also means that when students have to walk to school they are risking their lives since it is so dark outside. Some towns don't have safe sidewalks for the children to walk on which could mean they won't be seen if they’re walking on the side of the road. The students who ride the bus are also at risk. Some bus routes leave as early as 6:00 just so they can make all their routes and make it to school by 8 which makes it even darker. Not all buses and vehicles have good enough headlights which means they might not see children walking or riding a bike until it's too late. Teenagers who have to wake up early and drive to school might not be fully awake, which means they could also easily cause wrecks when they’re headed to school. “A two-year study of two high schools in Virginia found that the school with a later start time had significantly fewer students in accidents.” (Sara Chesire). By pushing back the start time by just an hour or two many lives could be saved and accidents could be prevented. Teenagers and children would have many different benefits if school started later, including better grades, better health and even less injuries/accidents. Parents would have to worry less and so would the teachers. All in all there are many reasons school should be starting
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