Why The Roman Ruins In Spain

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Europe has many known places around the world. One place that may come to mind when thinking of Europe is Spain. Spain is where the Romans decided to build a civilization and as time passed, the city was reduced to the ruins that currently reside in the area today. Along with the ruins, there are many more things that Spain includes as a reason to visit it in person. Places that Spain include like the Roman ruins are a great way to learn, can demonstrate history and can show culture.

The Roman ruins in Spain are not just a tourist attraction. The Roman ruins can be a great way to learn. According to the article "The ruins of this city offer a chance to see much of what life must have been like in ancient times". Since there were not many resources about how life was back then, these ruins can a piece of the puzzle to how life was in ancient times. The past is full of mysteries for the present to uncover and tiny clues such as the Roman ruins can be a gigantic help in solving these mysteries.
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It is not only education that makes this area popular, it has a long and rich history for tourist to examine. One Major attraction is Spain besides the Roman ruins is the Alhambra. The Alhambra is not just a regular ruin, “It shows how great buildings can be built and rebuilt through the years” quoted by the text. Due to the building losing its purpose shortly after it was built, it was abandoned which caused it to fall into despair. The fort was rebuilt to serve its purpose as a palace Muslim residents but after being abandoned once again, the effects of nature transformed this sitting palace into a ruin which caused it to be a major tourist attraction that currently resides in Spain. Since it had been through so much through its lifetime, it was considered a World Heritage

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