Why The Vikings Were Good Warriors

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Vikings the Warriors
The Vikings were forcible warriors and went through a difficult time. The Vikings have a history of many historic events from whom were The Vikings, the raids and invasion they would have to go through and to what they would eat. Several people do not have a clue who The Vikings were and several people might think it's the National Football League the Minnesota Vikings. Some people may think that The Vikings were bad warriors or people but they are not. Their history is fascinating to read and find out what they are about. The weapons, food, and everything they did is so astonishing because no one would have expected to know that much about The Vikings. They were tough warriors for everything they went through.
The beginning of The Vikings of medieval times were astonishing. The
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When it would come to invasion, that meant that The Vikings would invade by an army, so they would get a good amount of people to help them invade. Raiding was kinda similar to invasion, raiding meant that The Vikings would attack for something to be seized. An army of The Vikings sailed across the North Sea, they wanted to conquer lane rather than just raid it in AD 865. The first raid that ever occurred was in the year of 793 against of Lindisfarne on England’s east coast. At times The Vikings went more to conquer rather to raid any places. One of the first raids they did was in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle around AD 787. The Vikings invaded the western and eastern Europe, from Denmark, Norway, Sweden. They as well settled in Faroe Island, Ireland, Iceland and many more places. Almost all the kingdoms had fallen to The Vikings in the year AD 874. The Vikings were more pagans, not by any means Christians like most people living in the Britain at the time. The raids continued until the year of 1066 when the King Haraldr or Norway, died and it was very

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