Essay On Thomas Edison's Inventions

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Thomas Edison’s Inventions An inventor is someone that makes or creates improved inventions in the past or creates something entirely new. An inventor is someone who wants to the world a better and easier place by making new creations to make life easier for humans. That is what Thomas Edison wanted to do. Thomas Edison made so many crucial inventions in history that made mankind take many leaps forward. He made life for people in America easier. Thomas Edison made this country prosper because of his marvelous inventions that gave people a new perspective for all inventors. When Edison was a young child, he sold newspapers on trains as his job, and he read many of the books, newspapers, and magazines on the train (Bedi para 6). Edison created…show more content…
However, Edison did not create the first light bulb; Edison just made a better version of the light bulb (Bellis para 10). Edison was looking to create a safer, cheaper electric light instead of people using gas lights; the problem for Edison was that scientists were tackling with the light bulb for 50 years (“Thomas”... History para 7). Surprisingly, this drove Edison into creating an ideal commercially functional, effective incandescent light bulb (“Thomas”... Biography para 16). Edison’s first step forward with the light bulb was in October in 1879 where he used a bulb which is used with platinum fiber (filament) (“Thomas”... History para 7). There were many elements that Edison needed to make the light bulb, including a long lasting light bulb, an enhanced dynamo, a conductor system that is below the Earth’s surface, contraptions to preserve persistent electric volts, and many more (Bellis para 13). Edison kept scrambling together everything he knew about electricity and combined it with what he knew about the gas lights and created an entirely new method of electric lighting (Bedi para 33). Edison, during the summer in 1880, struck on bamboo that was carbonized and was a usable back up for the platinum fiber, which would show beyond doubt to be the solution to an enduring and inexpensive (“Thomas”... History para
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