Why Did Italy Enter WWII?

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Why Italy entered WWII? After WWI, Italy awarded small lands of Austrian territories from the leading Allies (US & UK), but not Dalmatia which it had coveted. That made Italy unsatisfied with the meager territorial gains from Allies and facilitated a coup led by Mussolini 's Fascist Party leading them into WWII (worldology). Some people think it was right for Italy to enter the WWII while some people didn’t think so. Italy entered WWII for 3 reasons. The first reason is Benito Mussolini, who just came to power and became the leader of Italy, decided to turn Italy into a new empire like Roman. The second reason is Italy had ambitions to conquer other countries like Ethiopia and Albania and also seize territories from France in retaliation…show more content…
The first reason why Italy should entered WWII is Benito Mussolini, who just came to power and became the leader of Italy, decided to turn Italy into a new empire like Roman. This is important because Mussolini had his own army and had the ability to attack other countries. He was also the leader of Italy who had right to order all the Italy soldiers to fight. “Following the war, in which he served as a rifleman, Mussolini decided his destiny was to rule Italy as a modern Caesar and re-create the Roman Empire. He forged the paramilitary Fascist movement in 1919-1921, using it to march on Rome, become prime minister, and then to seize dictatorial power (1925-1926). By subduing Libya (1922-1932), pacifying Somalia (1923-1927), conquering Ethiopia (1935-1936), helping the Nationalists win the Spanish civil war (1936-1939), and seizing Albania (April 1939), Mussolini made Italy predominant in the Mediterranean-Red Sea region.” (history) The quotation shows that Mussolini believed he could build his own empire, and his Fascist movement won a lot of wars as well. “Rome comrades! Through you I want to speak to the Italian people, to the authentic, real, great Italian people, who fight with the courage of lions on land, sea and air fronts…The Italian people, the Fascist people deserve and will have victory. The hardships, suffering and sacrifices that are faced with exemplary courage and dignity by the Italian people will have their day of compensation when all the enemy forces are crushed on the battlefields by the heroism of our soldiers and a triple, immense cry will cross the mountains and oceans like lightning and light new hopes and give new certainties to spirit multitudes: Victory, Italy, peace with justice among peoples!” (The quotation from Mussolini’s speech in Rome, Italy, February 23, 1941) This is important because this is the speech from Mussolini in order to let Italian to get involved the war. He needed his army to
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