Why Tobacco Advertising Should Be Banned

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Advertisement is a type of marketing communication used to advance or offer promotion for business item or service (Donley, 2002). Nowadays, most of the companies rely on advertising to increase their sales. In fact, advertisement has been proved to be the key of success and fame for some companies. Although it is considered the businesses solution to promoting their products via advertising, businesses such as alcohol and tobacco companies should be banned from advertising in the media. The main reasons for banning alcohol and tobacco advertisements is affects health and it attracts youth to smoke and drink.

First, alcohol and tobacco advertisement can lead to health issues. Smoke and drink use results in illness. Alcohol and tobacco use may cause major risks when they utilized alone or together. Many
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This advertisement is all over the places . In fact, ads influence in whomever watches them. These ads also forget any age group, makes them believe that drinking and smoking can really bring all the pleasures portrayed in the ads, like beach parties, celebrations and fun at sporting events. Ads try to grab the attention of the youth by look at the ads. Youngsters are youthful and extremely helpless. They have not yet built up the aptitudes they should have the capacity to recognize the right and wrong. Children see the characters on having a good time. Thus, they got to believe that drinking will permit them to have a decent time as well. Jernigan (2015) writes that alcohol advertisers have pledged to avoid audiences made up of more than 30 percent underage viewers, such as children 's programming; however, many other advertisements have been attraction the adults. Alcohol and smoking cause the addicted to do things without noticing what they are doing .For example, they might steal, fight or even kill if they have too much alcohol

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