Why Truman Won The Cold War?

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Due to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s sudden death April 12, 1945 that left many people in shock, Truman took over and served as president. Many people were doubtful of his leadership skills since they were never showcased during his short time serving as the vice president. Although many Americans were worried, Truman managed to prove himself as a good leader quickly due to overcoming the many problems he faced as soon as he entered office. The beginning of the Cold War took place during Truman’s transition to becoming the president. The US was working hard to prevent the spread of communism, or an economic and political system in which the state owns the means of production and a single party rules. The Truman Doctrine supported those who helped contain communism. The US launched the Marshall Plan to provide economic assistance to European nations, countering support for Communists in Europe. The United States began to drift away from isolationism, and one…show more content…
White southern Democrats were upset at his support of civil rights for African Americans. Liberal Democrats were unhappy at his policy of challenging Soviet Expansion. Nevertheless, Truman continued to campaign vigorously. Truman just barely managed to win against Republican Thomas Dewey, creating a huge uproar as no one expected him to win. The Democrats took back control of the House and the Senate. Truman proposed the Fair Deal during his term. Congress only approved a few of the proposals, including the increase of minimum wage and the providing of funds for flood control and low-income housing. They rejected the funding of education and national health insurance, as well as the proposal to reduce racial discrimination. Overall, the US at this time were trying to pick themselves up from the after effects of a harsh war during the time period of Truman’s presidency. They worked hard and steadily improved socially, politically, and
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