The Importance Of Under Milk Wood

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5. Why Under Milk Wood was famous ? Nowadays we use high technology in many countries in the world. As the development of media begin, it is still continue until now. In the past our mankind might sent a message by horseback but now we already had internet. Actually radio and television play an important part of our life to engage with long- distance communication and deliver news as the mass media. In the mid-20 Century was the high period peak of using these media. The capacities of radio and television that can reach large numbers of people in the world is the reason of its popularity. The development before television is radio. The great decade for radio was in 1930. In the Second World War the radio is the important medium because radio broadcasting deliver war news to a million of listeners. It is also involve with many important situation during the war. For example, the German leader Adolf Hitler who use radio for the propaganda. It is very effective to make change in society. Because of…show more content…
The houses are blind as moles(though moles see fine tonight in the snouting, velvet dingles) or blind as Captain Cat”( Walford Davies and Ralph Maud, 1995:3) The expression of Under Milk Wood that presented by reading and hearing is quite different. If we read or hear it wherever at home or anywhere, while we imagine and have a memorial in our mind. The imagination in our memorial will be back anytime. The beginning of the story are already showed, how Thomas apply the word for the play for voice. He also read and prove it again and again. Richard Burton also said “It is all about religion, sex and death,” “And,” he added, “it is a comic masterpiece.” ( Why Under Milk Wood is the greatest radio play ever, Rees
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