Why Us Lost The Vietnam War Essay

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The top reasons that United States of America lost in Vietnam War was because, corruption, climate and the lack of interests. The people in the United State of America did not support the war and certainly did not appreciate how the government decided to put their hands in the foreign countries. The young soldiers when they first arrived Vietnam their bodies did not adjust to the temperature and weather in Vietnam. When the United State government sent supplies and money over to the South Vietnamese military the money went to the pocket of the people in the upper power. Back in the 1960s the technology that United State of America had was way more advanced than Vietnam. But still the United State of America still took a huge defeat. How the Vietnamese communist did won the war? What lesson did American learn from it? What were the reasons the United State of America lost the war. At the time of preparation of the US military 's operations are based heavy mechanized preparation, training is also a concept derived there from, are very dependent on infantry fighting vehicles with artillery support, Vietnam has not happened before, the vast majority of Americans may not even…show more content…
In the 1960s and 1970s, the United States had a wide range of powerful military capabilities. However, during the Vietnam War, the United States of America government attempted to use its strength in an asymmetric manner. In times the United States of America uses the military technology instead of using soldiers, and sometimes use their military power to change the state of war and carry out of the way. However, in this the longest ever played in a war, although the United States spent a considerable force, but still failed attainable military victory. There was no way for America to win. United States of America had the overwhelming air force superiority against the Vietcong and North Vietnamese troops. But still cannot force the enemy to succumb to the strong United States
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