The Importance Of Vaccination

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Do you think vaccination is important? Vaccination is very important because it is the most effective way to prevent an outbreak of infectious disease. Vaccination is the introduction of vaccine or antigenic material into our body to incite our immune system to fight with the pathogen and acquire immunity towards the disease that is caused by the pathogen. After the vaccine is successfully introduced into our body, it can protect us from infectious diseases. Vaccination can be called effective and successful if the disease is eradicated and one of the ways to achieve it is by achieving herd immunity. Herd immunity can be achieved when almost every portion of the community is immunized against the contagious disease and hence there’s a very small possibility for an outbreak to occur and this way, we will be able to protect those who are not be able to be vaccinated. Vaccination was introduced by Edward Jenner in 1798 when he developed the vaccine towards smallpox. He first observed that dairymaids, during his day, who had been infected by cowpox were then protected against smallpox. The cowpox can then be used as a protection against smallpox and are transmittable from one person to another as a vaccine. This discovery then became the foundation of immunology. Smallpox, back in those days, have greatly…show more content…
Discuss and justify your arguments. A large number of children died before adulthood during an outbreak of infectious disease before vaccinations were made available for us. Vaccines are one of the most effective way to prevent diseases with almost 99% effectiveness, hence it is one of the most crucial way to ensure children’s safety. (Boloursaz, 2012) Hence, I believe that the government should make vaccination mandatory to everyone. It is one of the safest, and most effective way to prevent an outbreak of infectious diseases that have taken a lot of lives, in a really short period of

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