Why Vaccination Should Be Mandatory Essay

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When I was six years old, my mom asked me, how about eating a hamburger outside? and I answered “Yes!” and went out with her. But instead I went to a public health center, not fast food restaurant and got vaccinated. It was very painful and I cried. Many people may have an experience like me. However vaccinations help us not to suffer from a certain health problem and lead to an advantageous response to infection. We have had many inoculations decades such as polio, measles, tetanus, diphtheria, etc. As a person of South Korea, I have had many vaccinations. It plays an important role in living healthy. Therefore, I think that all nations should be mandatory vaccinations because it would protect individual and the nation’s health.

According to Health Affairs, a journal about healthcare and health policy, a vaccine was attempted for the first time by Edward Jenner who was a doctor from the United Kingdom in 1796. During this time, smallpox spread throughout the UK. Meanwhile Jenner discovered that ranch workers milking cows everyday didn’t catch well the disease. There was a disease, cowpox that is similar to smallpox but a weaker form. When a person contracted cowpox, he or she could endure well than a person who caught smallpox and wasn’t stricken with smallpox anymore. Inspired by this realization Jenner invented the smallpox vaccine after some experiments using cowpox virus. Since then the term ‘vaccine’ began to be used by Louis Pasteur who has been called “microbial father”.
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Accordingly, measles, disappeared once, is prevalent again. If people’ refusal of vaccinations continues, serious problems can occur, because nobody knows that what diseases may come back and what the results will be to threaten human
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