Why Vaccination Should Be Mandatory

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Getting vaccines in order to work at certain places is a growing conflict. Should there be choice, or should it be imperative. Although I find that vaccinations should be something of choice, there’s a time and a certain place where you need to get vaccinated in order to have protection not openly exposed to harming others. This is why I think that overall that a person can choose to get vaccinated or not, but a place can choose whether or not to have a vaccine requirement. Working at a hospital has requirements for specific vaccinations upon starting. An example I currently have is interning at a hospital. Vaccinations are required upon the start date for various reasons and I agree in being vaccinated before working there, while some could…show more content…
Those who feel unobligated to taking the vaccine, and feel attacked in knowing that a vaccination is mandatory, should understand why there is a vaccination requirement. The information swayed me in choosing mandatory vaccinations, if you are able to. These vaccination requirements should be those that if spread, have serious and deadly consequences. That there is a “significant reduction in illness and death from vaccine-preventable diseases is testimony to how well they work” (Feemster). Like noted above, the measles is an example of this. If you can get the vaccination, you hands down should have to. You are not only protecting yourself, but those around you. The vaccine video speaks well in that when given a vaccination, you rarely get infected twice. Taking the vaccination reduces disease and spread by a stronghold. You are helping those sick, and those who cannot receive vaccination. This proves my point in understanding why hospital settings especially require specific vaccinations. As employees, you are making the spread of disease less likely, and you are protecting the world and making it a healthier, safer place. Without mandatory vaccines, the consequences of not taking them would increase, and the rate of disease and spread of disease would jump. With making vaccines a requirement, the disease is not taken lightly, and the chances of the rapid spread are significantly reduced. Vaccines are a safe and effective way to help those who are ill heal by reducing the rapid on spread of disease and increasing the chances of eradicating the disease
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