Why Vaccines Should Be Necessary

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There recently have been a lot of talks about whether vaccines should be required or not. There has been little study on why vaccines could be harmful, but there have been many studies on why vaccines should be necessary. First off, vaccines prevent many communicable diseases. Second, the vaccines prevent most diseases from spreading to the people around you. Third, vaccines are required in many states to be able to participate in public schools, colleges, or even camps. Vaccines are very important for you to be able to live to do the things you want to do. First, vaccines were created to prevent you from getting certain diseases, illnesses, or infections that can be deadly. For example there are tetanus, flu, or whooping cough vaccines that were created to prevent you from getting extremely common issues that you could be exposed to in your everyday life. Scientists have also researched these and determined these are examples of vaccines that need boosters in order for you to remain protected. Because of the tetanus vaccine deaths in the United States very rarely happen like they used to from injuries. Whooping cough and the flu are now in the controllable range because of the vaccines scientists created. Next,…show more content…
Many colleges require you to have a current vaccination record. Dorm rooms are a place where diseases or illnesses could easily spread rapidly between the students. Also, every camp I have personally attended has required me to have an up to date vaccination record. The camps understand there are potential for campers to maintain an injury. The camper requires a tetanus booster beforehand so they will not get it. That simple shot will prevent you from having to be hospitalized. Checking with your doctor to ensure you are up to date on your vaccines is very important before you want to join into any public
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