Why Video Games Are Bad

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Video Games Aren’t as Bad as People Think; Role-Playing Video Games Promote Development of the Brain They make you violent and aggressive. You’ll become anti-social. Your eyes will weaken until they can barely function. These are the stereotypes often associated with playing video games. Parents and other adults think that games like Call Of Duty and Assassin’s Creed will change the behaviour of the children in a negative. People say that if children play games, they won’t go outside thus becoming anti social. Another idea is that video games spoil your eyes however, role playing video games are good because they are beneficial for children; it helps them learn, analyse and make moral decisions. Video games, especially role playing games improve learning in many different ways. According to James Paul, “Research has shown that when learners are left completely free to solve a complex problem, they may hit on creative solutions. Video games nurture higher-order thinking skills.” Video games encourage people to get more creative ideas to solve complex problems or puzzles. The ideas aren’t always the right, but they don’t need to be right, if a child can see the puzzle or whatever it is with different perspectives, it helps their brain develop more. More specificly, these action improve the right…show more content…
Lots of people criticize games because of how addicting they become. If children play video games for the right amount of time, they will have significant growth. This is important because children have a growing, developing mind. Games, more commonly role playing ones teach them lots of things that make help grow the mind. Most of the negative talk about video games are stereotypes, video games promote eyesight instead of spoiling it, most games don’t affect behaviour at all, and they increase social behaviour instead of becoming

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