Negative Effects Of Playing Video Games

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Video Games Aren’t as Bad as People Think; Role-Playing Video Games Promote Development of the Brain
They make you violent and aggressive. You’ll become anti-social. Your eyes will weaken until they can barely function. These are the stereotypes often associated with playing video games. Parents and other adults think that games like Call Of Duty and Assassin’s Creed will change the behaviour of the children in a negative. People say that if children play games, they won’t go outside thus becoming anti social. Another idea is that video games spoil your eyes however, role playing video games are good because they are beneficial for children; it helps them learn, analyse and make moral decisions.
Video games, especially role playing games improve
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Video games teach children how to adapt which goes in hand with observation. Video games bring children in an environment they haven’t been in and let them analyse them. A recent study even suggests that about 63 % of children and teens who played video games have improved their observation skills. Moreover, according to David Deutsch, "Video games are highly beneficial because they give children a unique interactive learning environment." Video games bring people in an environment they haven't been in and let them analyse it. This promotes analytical skills, observation and help adapt to the place. Thus, one can see that video games have a big part in helping children…show more content…
According to John Keilman, "They allow us to practice moral decision-making we can't do in the real world." Video games sharpen quick and moral decision making. They make kids more empathetic and develop the quick thinking part of the brain. In a recent experiment studying the brain development concerned about decision-making and video games, scientists have found interesting information. In the experiment, 72 volunteers were divided into three groups, two of the groups played different versions of StarCraft (a role playing game) over a period of two months. The third group played The Sims, a passive life simulation game without a clear strategic element, which kind of was like playing nothing. Results mentioned that test subjects playing StarCraft exhibited higher mental movement speed, and cognitive flexibility as well as moral decision making than those who played The Sims. According to these data, role playing video games contribute a great bit in the development of
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