Al Capone Thesis

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Al Capone was responsible for the state of lawlessness in Chicago between 1920 and1931 which endangered and damaged his reputation and public image. However, he is justified in his actions because he wanted to be the best gangster in the state of Chicago. He made many enemies whilst being in his small-time and full time gangs, including Bugs Moran, who was the leader of the North Side Gang- which was the main rival gang of the Five Point Gang of which Capone was the seven year leader.
Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone was born on January 17 1899 in Brooklyn, New York. He was the son of Italian immigrants, Gabriele and Teresina Capone (source K) who were both born in Angri in Selerno. Al was brought up with nine siblings- two of his brothers worked
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Capone’s men were instructed to monitor their targets’ habits and whereabouts, so they rented an apartment opposite from the Moran Headquarters on North Clark Street. Capone’s men were disguised as “police” to start a raid at the headquarters of their rival gang. The men lined the victims up along a wall and shot them all with machine and shotguns without a struggle in broad daylight. Ordinary citizens in Chicago were horrified and blamed Al Capone for this Massacre, which ultimately destroyed his reputation completely. (Source A and F). Within days, Capone was forced to testify before a jury of the federal Prohibition Law.
The families of Capone’s victims were horrified that someone would kill their loved ones. Capone’s victims were killed in the space of 7 years (1923-1930) , which were also the years that he was the leader of the powerful Five Point Gang. He wished o take revenge on all the people he hated and those who stole and hijacked him from his illegal liquor business that he ran during the 1920s. (Source
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