Why Was Andrew Jackson A Bad President?

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Andrew Jackson was a tough man. He even went by the name of ‘Old Hickory’. Andrew Jackson was a terrible president, but also a good president. There are many reasons why Andrew Jackson was a bad president. These are only the few reasons that we all already know or they are major events stated in US history. The reasons are, he abused his veto power, caused The Trail of Tears, and The Bank War. The United States government has a system of checks and balances, which means all the branches of the government are equal, and if one branch does something it is not allowed to, it is checked by another branch to make sure it is in check. Reason why it is called checks and balances. Andrew Jackson abused his power of veto to intimidate the…show more content…
In this attack, he moved about 20% of United States’ money into private banks. These banks were known as ‘’pet’’ banks because they politically supported Andrew Jackson. This causes what we know as The Bank War. Andrew Jackson enlarged credit by doing away with the bank. Andrew Jackson then moved the money from those banks into the private ones that only supported him. This caused the new banks’ failure by issuing the Specie Circular order in 1836. The government land required payment to be in gold. The National Banks of United States collapsed, this caused what we know as the Panic of 1837, that Andrew Jackson’s successor had to deal with. This was much unorganized, banks got removed, etc. The lack of national banks was one of the many speculations that contributed policies that caused the market to crash in the year of 1837. This led to six long years of depression for the United States of America, and is another great reason why Andrew Jackson, also known as “Old Hickory”, was one of the worst presidents the United States ever had in its great history of US
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