Why Was Andrew Jackson Wrong

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Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States, murdered a man cold blooded, he was then elected to be in the highest position in office. Andrew Jackson was a man that thought his way or the highway. Jackson even though was a man of the people that doesn’t make up for what he did.
On May 30, 1806 Jackson got in a duel with Charles Dickinson because he accused Jackson of cheating in a horse race then insulted his wife. The duel goes down Jackson shoots and misses witch, he is known for being a good shot. Dickinson shoots and hits Jackson on the shoulder. The rule in a duel is you get one shot, one and done. While Jackson is lying on the floor, he recocks his gun and kills Charles Dickinson. This was a very big deal because you just don’t do that in 1806. Moreover, he then was elected to be the president of the United States after this had happened.
Additionally, Andrew Jackson also was the reason that the trail of tears happened. Jackson made over 125,000 Native Americans walk on
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Andrew Jackson did lead in the Battle of New Orleans. He had the victory and did lead his troops well. Jackson was also a man of the people. The people liked what he had to say and what he does. Additionally, Jackson did give more power to the president. It was they could not choose their cabinet or make big decisions for the white house now, the president can choose their cabinet and have more to say in decisions. However Jackson did kill a man! The fact of the matter is that he was even in the running for president. This is basically saying if Donald Trump full on shot and killed a man not even out of self defense he is aloud to be in the running for president and become president. Furthermore, Jackson also, started one of the most terrible subjects in history, The Trail of Tears. This was a terrible subject and he killed a lot of people and families. Therefore, Andrew Jackson was a
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