Why Was Booker T Washington Important

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Why is your research topic important? Learning about Booker T Washington is important because it 's great to learning about a great of a person and how he became great. And the bad things he done did and why he do those things . This is relevant to people because it shows how people treats others and come together as one union .A situation that can be compare this to when slavery was bad back then and when things were hard for people to get money and jobs. Why is Booker T. Washington considered a great man by some or a fool by others? Booker t Washington was great because he was a man of his word , he did what it takes for young kids to be the best that they can be . He was a fool because he made a lot of bad choices with his life . Who is…show more content…
This fact a big deal because knowing about someone is very important when you want to know about somebody you got to know everything they did and history they had . This fact support it because it tells everything he did and how he did it and what type of guy Booker T Washington was. This make him a great person cause he help a lot of people to become a better successful person and life.Washington work on education problem helped him enlist both the moral and substantial financial support of many major white philanthropists “The I pick this fact because it stands out and also give a lot of information about his education. This fact support it because it shows how important he took his education. This fact connect to my main question because it tells that he was helpful man and how important he took his…show more content…
It Support it because it give details how good he can be with doing things he need to . It connect cause he started from the bottom and started his way up by getting little jobs and work his way up. How is this seen in Raisin the sun? Booker T . Washington with such an insult has profound historical and cultural implications “ It 's correct because it shows all the racism that 's happen and how he made a fool of itself “Murchison and Booker T. Washington as assimilationists, and Mama refers to them both as “fools.”Act 2 , Scene 2 Because it 's shows a lot of relationship towards Washington .It support it because it tells what type of person he is .It connect to the main question cause it 's racism been going around for a while and he became a leader and started to stand up for what he believes. “ Washington , historically a hero to many in the black community “Act 2. I pick this quote because Washington saved a lot of people lives and his own special way. It support it because it shows how much he care about how people live . This quote connect to the main question because everyone should help someone
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