Why Was Charles Town Difficult To Settle?

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Settlement of Charlest Town Many explorers have searched to find land to claim for themselves and their country, but they would never think it would be a new piece of land that we call Charleston today. Many different countries wanted to settle in Charles Town, but not all could settle there. So they set up attacks against one another and many were unsuccessful. Then, the outcome was that the English settled in what is Charleston is today along the Ashley River which is on Albemarle point. Why was Charles town difficult to settle? The settlement of Charles Town was difficult to settle because of the geography, resources, and diseases. One of the ways Charles Town was difficult to settle was because of its Geography. On Document A it shows a map of Charleston. This map would have…show more content…
One of the diseases talked about in this document are small pox. In Document E it states, “ A great cloud seems at present to hang over this province…”. What this quote means that small pox are covering the town and people are getting sick and some leaving. Smallpox was a disease that made it hard to settle Charles Town because it spread throughout the settlement at got the settlers sick and some also died, and also the Native Americans. The Native Americans were not introduced to this disease until they came. Diseases made Charles Town Difficult to settle because many people moved to the upcountry where it did not spread and businesses were shutting down and moving also. As you can see explorers were not expecting things on this land not to be this bad. Geography, resources, and diseases had their own impact on Charles Town. These effects made Charles Town difficult to settle because they all had different effects happening at the same time, and people dealing with these ways differently. Charles Town was difficult to settle because it was a new land and the settlers knew how to use it, but had difficulties to deal
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