Similarities Between Elohim And Yahweh

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Question1: Describe and define the two names of God.

Two names of God are Elohim and Yahweh
The first name for God seen in the Bible is the Hebrew name Elohim (Gen 1:1). El suggests the idea of power, strength and authority. El in Hebrew means mighty or strong one. Throughout the Old Testament we see Elohim (our strong and mighty God) displaying his great strength and might.
Elohim does not only refer to great strength and might but it is the plural form of the name Eloah. The plural Elohim may be considered as including all the meanings of El, presenting God as beyond superior to what is revealed in the name El. That is to say that Elohim means all powerful and all mighty God. (OTBT)
Evangelicals sometimes view this plural feather of the name Elohim to point out
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Throughout history God sought to execute His redemptive plan. After the fall, God intervened and said that he would put enmity between Satan and humans. He said that the woman's seed would execute a deadly blow resulting in redemption for mankind but this was only possible through the death of Christ.
In Revelation 5:6 Christ is seen as a worthy lamb who died (was slain), resurrected and redeemed mankind back to a better relationship with God. Throughout the OT God required the death of a lamb as atonement for sins committed. The death of this lamb was very significant to God's people the Jews because it sent a strong redemptive message. Later we see in the New Testament that the death of Christ bore similar significance for us today. You might ask the question why was Christ death significant? I would like to point out two reasons:
1. Christ’s death was significant because it met the legal requirement for forgiveness of sins. The prophet Isaiah under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit said that He was wounded for our transgressions ( Isaiah 53:5) . Yes because of Christ death forgiveness is not only prophetic but possible for
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