Why Was Edgar Allan Poe Considered Insane

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Have you ever heard of Edgar Allan Poe? He was born on January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts. He died at an early age of 40 in October of 1849. He was a famous American author best known for his short stories of mystery and horror tales. “The Tell-Tale Heart,” one of his famous short stories, was first published in January of 1843 in a magazine called The Pioneer. In “the tell-tale heart”, the narrator is without a doubt insane.
The first reason the narrator is considered insane is that he clearly lets his emotions take over. The only reason he had for killing the old man was because of his eye. He described the eye as of a “vulture”. Vultures are a symbol of death. Vultures stalk their victims as the narrator did for 8 nights. He said
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