Why Was Europe In A Dark Age

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This evidence showcases that Europe was in a dark age because of The Black Death, Crusades and the Government The Black death is one of the reasons why Europe was in a dark age. At least 1/3rd of the population of Europe had died; it was also in a dark age because the people in Germany thought that it was the Jews that had started this disease and kill most of them and once they killed most of them they realized that it wasn 't the Jews that started this and it still came and infected the people in Germany. Really the black rats and fleas were the main cause of the black death spreading. This is the story of how it started. It all started in Asia with a creature known as the flea. A flea is a small bug that sucks the blood of any animal they see. But…show more content…
Later on the doctors also known as plague doctors tried to find ways to stop this horrible virus. They tried to let the victim bleed out and maybe it would drain the virus out of them, but this did not work. Because of it, it just spreads more than usual. Overtime the plague weakened, but that was not the end. It found a new way to spread, This name was called Airborne, how this worked was when someone coughed or sneezed, it would fly into another victim’s body. But this was probably the worst way it spread. The effects of the virus started out with just a little cough, then you would start to feel hot and cold at the same time, after that you got a big rash on your body, but in the middle of the rash were big black dots, the big black dots would turn into a big huge pus filled boils. Only in a matter of dayś you would drop to the ground and you would be dead. The second reason why Europe was in a Dark Age is because of the crusades. For example, The emperor from the Byzantine empire asked Pope Urban from the Holy Roman Empire. The Pope answered and accepted the emperor cry for help. After the Pope had his people help the emperor of Byzantine he ordered his people to take over Jerusalem because he
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