Why Was Franklin Pierce So Important To The Confederate States?

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Class: US HISTORY: The Americans Reconstruction to the 21st Century Date: 8/17/15 Questions Chapter: 4.1 What is a secession? What territories allowed popular sovereignty to occur and what is popular sovereignty? What is the Underground Railroad used for? What was Harriet Tubman known for? What was Uncle Tom’s Cabin about and who wrote the novel? Why was Franklin Pierce so important to the Democratic party? Who fought for his freedom that later Supreme Court ruled that being in a free state did not make him free? Who ran against Abraham Lincoln in the election of 1860? How did Abraham Lincoln win the election? In what year did delegates made up the Confederacy? Who was the president of the Confederacy? A secession is the formal…show more content…
What was the plan of the South and North Armies due to the vast causalities and desertion to get more men to fight? Who was a Union nurse who gave aid to troops in the front line? Why was the nation first tax that supported the war which came from an individual’s income? QUESTIONS: Which battle held in southern Pennsylvania was the turning point? What speech did Abraham Lincoln gave to the nation feeling a sense of unity? What was the name of one center of the Confederate States that gave an advantage to either army because of the battle position? Who did General Grant assign to be a commander of the Mississippi military division? Which town in Virginia did Grant and Lee meet up? Which amendment had been passed in late 1865 and what was it about? Who assassinated Lincoln on April 15? CHAPTER 4. 2 Fort Sumter Bull Run Stonewall Jackson was fighting for the Confederate Army. Ulysses S. Grant He was more dedicated to help the Confederate push the Union away from Richmond and would risk anything to lead him and his troops to a victory. Antietam Emancipation Proclamation Conscription demanded that men could be drafted by the army. Clara Barton Income…show more content…
The Battle of Gettysburg was a critical moment for both sides as they fought for different reasons but both aimed for success. More than 50,000 men were either killed in action or were wounded by each other. Gettysburg Address was presented by Abraham Lincoln which freed slaves that were behind enemy lines. Grant was a true leader and hero to the Union as he led them to many triumphs. Lee and the confederates raised the white flag and surrendered in Virginia and the civil war was over. The Thirteenth Amendment was ratified in 1865 which abolished slavery. Slavery was ended. Questions Chapter: 4.4 Why was Freedman’s Bureau so important? Which period of rebuilding after the Civil War occurred? Who were people that were angered by Lincoln’s Plan of Reconstruction? Who was Lincoln’s apprentice? What did Congress pass in 1968? What was the amendment that the Radicals introduced? Who joined the Republican party to want to upgrade their financial situation? Who were considered Carpetbaggers? Who was the first African-American political figure as a Senator? What did African-Americans use to feed their families with what type of practice? Who and what was the goal of notorious Southern cults? Freedman’s Bureau distributed food to millions of former slaves, established schools, staffed missionaries, and teachers and other private and church groups in the North. Reconstruction Radical Republicans Andrew Johnson Fourteenth
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