Why Was Geography Important In The Rebuilding Of The Middle Ages

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The Middle ages was the period of time after the Roman Empire fell, and when the Europeans rebuilt themselves. The Middle ages, or Medieval Period, spanned from about years 500 to 1500. During this time, a new society began to appear. This new society had roots in the classical heritage of Rome, the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church, and the customs of Germanic tribes. Many things were involved in the rebuilding of this society, such as religion, culture and most importantly, geographical location, government, and economics. Why was geography important in the rebuilding of the roman empire? Geography proved to be advantageous and important during this time because a good geographical standpoint gives a country better chances of a stable economy. The Europeans were in a great geographical position because they were near the water, which meant they had access to transportation and trade. The land of the fallen Roman Empire was near Greece and the tip of Northern Africa, both of which provide great trading opportunities. Rome lies right on the coast of the…show more content…
Progress was demonstrated in the rebuild of Rome through their new governmental system. Originally, the governmental system was feudalism. Feudalism is a social system where everyday people worked and fought for the nobles in return for protection and land use. In this social system, the King was at the top, followed by lords, knights, and at the bottom, peasants. From there, Henry I set up an official court system, and a department of royal finances. Next, Henry II established grand jury, trial by jury, and common law. These are all signs of a developing government. After the fall of rome, the government slowly but surely rebuilt itself, getting stronger everyday. This rebuild helped to guide them to peace and prosperity. However, government was not the only thing that helped the Europeans regain their

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