George Washington: The First President

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George Washington The First President Lots of people think that George Washington was only the first president and did not do much else. Many people know that George Washington was the first president and he was a good leader who fought a important war, but he was so much more than that. George Washington changed the world by fighting and winning the Revolutionary War. He became one of the most famous American born soldier, and he became the first president to lead America. He left a legacy as the first president. The early years of George Washington was very different from a normal child’s. George Washington was born on a farm in Virginia. He grew up wealthy so he went for a job with national prosperity(Lengel 4). He was a very crafty, diligent, quiet, and respectful(Lengel …show more content…

He lead the Continental Army from 1775-1781(Fetzer 72). He knew the British had a fast nazy but a very slow land force and this proved to be an advantage in the war(Fetzer 99). He normally used Militiamen in his battles which he planned on a daily basis(Fetzer 99). He believed that the government should be as separate as possible to avoid problems(Fetzer 102). When a very important British general died he was released from service for a short while(Fetzer 95). The British really wanted him to fight for them in the war because he was such a great leader(Fetzer 94). He normally commanded about 15,000 troops at one time, but he was frequently attacked by about 300 French and Natives when he tried to take fort Duquesne(Fetzer 99, Fetzer 94). He eventually learned how he was the most famous American born soldier. His army won the Revolutionary war at the battle of Yorktown, Va. He served from 1789-1797, and from 1775-1783 is when America fought for independence(, Fetzer 71). He lost lots of battle when he was leader(Fetzer 90). The enlistments for his troops were short causing problems with planning(Fetzer

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