Why Was Gloria Steinem Important

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The reason why I have chosen Gloria Steinem is because she is one of the many important and influential women involved in the second wave feminist movement. In her career, Steinem has done a great many things in the fight for equal rights for women that has helped influence the 21st century and made many things possible for women in the United States of America.
The reasons why Gloria Steinem is so important is that she has helped shape our country into what it is today by breaking social norms and fighting for what she and many other believed was right. In her career Steinem has achieved many things including, founding newspapers for women, writing essays about problems in America. Some of the other reason that she is important is that all of her working life she also has been committed to fighting for the equality laws. And she has also founded multiple organizations that help and support women in America. And lastly, she not only fought for the equal right of white females she fought for the equal rights of African American women.
Without Gloria Steinem, many of the rights that women have in America might be
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After a difficult childhood and graduating high school she was accepted into a very prestigious all women's college where she studied government which was extremely rare for a women at that time to major in. Steinem became part of the women's rights movement in the late 1960s. In the many years that Gloria Steinem has been fighting for women's rights she has done many things including, going undercover as a “playboy bunny” to bring to light how the women in this job were were treated. Also in 1972, she helped found the magazine “Ms” which was created because Steinem had realized that the only magazines for women at this time were about how to run a home or take care of a family and she also came to the realization that there were no reading material for women by
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