Why Was Hammurabi Unjust

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Hammurabi’s was the king of Babylon in Mesopotamia. During the 18th century BCE. Hammurabi was known for creating the world’s oldest set of laws in cuneiform. It was said that Hammurabi was instructed by a god named Shamash, to create the 282 laws to protect the weak from the strong. That is not the case because Hammurabi’s code was more negative towards everyone than positive. Hammurabi’s code interfered with others lives, prevented protection of the weak and created fear among the people. To begin with, Hammurabi’s code of law was unjust because it interfered with others lives. A mesopotamian man was allowed to disown his son whenever he pleased. Also, If the son hits his father, his hands will be cut off (Document C). It is unjust because Hammurabi did not consider the consequences that came with the law. If the son were underage, he will not be able to fend for himself or provide for himself. While some may argue that he…show more content…
The value of a freeman’s daughter was more valuable than a slave-girl. If someone were to struck them and they lose the fruit of their womb, the freeman’s daughter will receive 10 shekels of silver and the slave-girl only receives 2 shekels of silver (Document E). This law was not enforced by Hammurabi. Hammurabi argued that the weak were going to be protected from the strong. That is not the case because the strong received more than the weak, although the crime was the same. This is showing that they were not equal. The strong people of the community could still hurt the weak and the punishment was not as harsh as other laws. Giving the stronger people the freedom to hurt them. Thus, the community going against each other. The kingdom would’ve eventually fall and the king would have had no authority among the people anymore. Therefore, Hammurabi’s code of law was unjust because it allowed the strong to hurt the weak with minor
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