Why Was Iwo Jima Important

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Iwo Jima was a very important battle during WWII. The reason why this battle was important was because the American Air Force used the island to provide fighter escorts for the B-29 Super fortresses to protect them. Iwo Jima was an island off Japan. It had a low population of about 1080 people. There were about 6 settlements that were located on Iwo Jima. The island also had only one officer. Everyone was worried because they thought that the US was going to invade Iwo Jima and start a battle with japan. So, they left the island and went somewhere else. In the beginning of the war, the US marines sent about 70,000 soldiers to a island called Iwo Jima. The Marines didn 't know that they will be going up against Japanese soldiers that hid in small bunkers. When the marines were at Iwo Jima, many deaths occurred. Marines had trouble figuring out where enemy fire was being shot from. Eventually, marines figured out that out about the bunkers and took out every enemy that was in them till it was over. The battle of Iwo Jima lasted for one month. About 600 marines died and 21,000 Japanese soldiers died. The US military got Iwo Jima after winning the war and used it as fighter…show more content…
The important role was to bring the flag to the top of Mt. Suribatchi. John Bradley was another marine that was in the flag raising photo. He was one of the only people that survived until the other 2 flag raising on the island that day. John was the last surviving member of the flag raisers. He was paused with ptsd after the battle of Iwo Jima. The marine that was in front of Ira is a marine named Frank Sousley. Frank was a communications officer. He laid down the communications wire when he got on top of the mountain. The last marine that raised the flag was a man named Harlon Block. Harlon was a very important person in the unit. When Sgt. Micheal Strank was killed he took over and led the unit to the top of the
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